Options for every user, organization, and use case
Free trial

14-day trial with $300 in free credits

No credit card required

Up to 10 TB storage

Backups every 24h, retained for 2 days

Support included

Pay as you go

Usage-based pricing , billed monthly

Unlimited storage

Reserve resources for demanding workloads

Control your costs by limiting your compute resources

Backups every 24h, retained for 2 days

Robust support coverage with 1 hour response time for urgent issues

Prepaid credits

Everything in Pay as you go , plus:

Volume discounts with annual commitments

Streamlined payment overhead

Consultative migration guidance

Dedicated support engineer

Or download the forever-free open source distribution of ClickHouse

Pricing philosophy
payment method
Pay only for what you use

We automatically scale up and down compute resources based on your workload

We scale storage and compute separately, due to our flexible architecture

We automatically scale unused resources down to zero so that you don’t pay for idle services

payment method
Control and transparency

Identify key usage drivers using our metered pricing dimensions

Reserve compute resources to meet the needs of the most demanding workloads

Set compute autoscaling limits to prevent runaway queries from unexpected bills

Metered pricing

Pay as you go with no long term commitments.
Select platform and region to see pricing.

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Ohio (us-east-2) flag
Ohio (us-east-2)
Ohio (us-east-2) flag
Ohio (us-east-2)
Oregon (us-west-2) flag
Oregon (us-west-2)
N. Virginia (us-east-1) flag
N. Virginia (us-east-1)
Ireland (eu-west-1) flag
Ireland (eu-west-1)
Frankfurt (eu-central-1) flag
Frankfurt (eu-central-1)
Singapore (ap-southeast-1) flag
Singapore (ap-southeast-1)
dimension price metering unit
Storage $0.00134
Per 1 TB / minute
Compute $0.00239
Per compute unit / minute
Write $0.0125
Per write unit
Read $0.001
Per read unit
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